Kaoru Ishiyama   

   Integrative Psychotherapist    

   07733 992332    


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Psychotherapy in Central & North London

I am an experienced integrative psychotherapist. I practise in East Finchley in North London, as well as Fleet Street in Central London.

Psychotherapy is not easy to define in a single word or statement. Put simply, it provides an opportunity to explore any difficulties or concerns that you have in a confidential environment with someone professionally trained in listening. Therapy is a place to talk through and reflect on complex thoughts and feelings. The number of sessions needed depends on the individual’s difficulties and circumstances.

As a psychotherapist, I provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental place where the client feels able to explore their difficulties and challenges. Through exploring and reflecting on difficulties a client is able to discover their unvoiced or unnamed feelings, achieve a clearer understanding and a deeper sense of self. As appropriate, I also use other approaches, such as drawing or imagery, to further facilitate emotional expression.

Issues I have worked with:-

I work on a long-term, open-ended basis, as well as offering time-limited sessions agreed by the client.
I also offer sessions in Japanese.

"Every wall is a door"
by Ralph Waldo Emerson