Kaoru Ishiyama 

Integrative Psychotherapist 

07733 992332 


Psychotherapy and Counselling

Individual – As we live our life, we sometimes experience and are faced with emotional difficulties and conflicts which may affect our day-to-day living. This can be to do with changed circumstances, relationship difficulties or unexplained feelings, for example feeling low, anxious, stressed or irritable. It is often difficult to understand ‘Why?’ Individual therapy is a place to reflect on complex layers of feelings and emotions. These are formed and shaped through past experiences and relationships, and can influence the way we think and behave. By paying attention to them, we can understand and reflect on how they influence our thoughts and behaviour. This can be the first step in a process of change, and the discovery of a deeper sense of self. Although this may seem challenging, learning and discovering about yourself can bring a new understanding, or changing patterns of feeling, thinking or behaving.